In a Wicked Age

By D. Vincent Baker

During this depraved age...

...Gods, demons and mortals deal with each other for power...

...Law and civilization are new, and nobody is their master...

...A basic midwife can set in movement the downfall of tyrants and nice empires...

...Your beginning isn't really yours to settle on, yet your destiny is what you're making it.

In a depraved Age
sword & sorcery roleplaying


Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in such a lot leading edge Game
Combines the hoariest of old-school traditions -- the random come across -- with the final word in story-building.

Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in online game of the Year
Influential, intuitive and evocative, In a depraved Age... places the existence again into myth position play. Eschewing heavy environment for punchy occasions iteration, the sport additionally re-defines the relationships among the characters and the gamers. Over shadowed by way of the catchiness of the Oracles, prolonged play of the sport has the capability to create tale with the complexity of novelistic or epic structure.

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Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven

By Kevin Siembieda, Brandon K. Aten, Taylor White

PAL0869 Rifts global ebook 29 Madhaven function enjoying online game by means of Palladium Books

The ruins of ny, larger referred to as Madhaven, are a spot of insanity, ghosts and monsters. For a few the ruins provide the promise of old secrets and techniques, energy or treasure. For the mutants who inhabit the shattered panorama, it really is really a haven. For the Knights of the White Rose it's a hiding position. for lots of others, although, Madhaven is their doom.

- The ruins of long island, its heritage, its curse and its inhabitants.
- The Mutants of Madhaven; 7 new non-compulsory participant characters or villains.
- The ghosts and monsters of Madhaven and their bizarre powers.
- The Knights of the White Rose, their mystery and their redemption.
- the mystical White Rose, the best therapeutic energy on Rifts Earth.
- Techno-Wizard guns and units, plus M.D.C. bone weapons.
- event environment, principles and more.
- web page count number 128 pages

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Tales of the Miskatonic Valley (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, Bk+Map, #2334)

By Keith Herber, Kevin A. Ross, Scott Aniolowski, Geoff Gillan, Richard Watts

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Tales of the Miskatonic Valley is the fourth publication within the Lovecraft state sequence and comprises six adventures set in groups and rural components alongside H.P. Lovecraft’s Miskatonic River. even supposing meant to go with past releases - H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham Unveiled, H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich, and Kingsport, urban within the Mists — those adventures are entirely self reliant and will be loved with out good thing about the opposite books within the sequence. in truth, with just a small quantity of keeper ingenuity so much eventualities can,be simply transplanted to destinations outdoors the Miskatonic Valley.

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The Rage (Werewolf: The Forsaken)

By Stewart Wilson, Chuck Wendig, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Jonathan McFarland, Adam Tinworth

The Savage Fury Unleashed

The Forsaken were driven to the wall through their enemies. Now they chase away. The tribes percentage their deadliest secrets and techniques with each other. Their packs train each other the secrets and techniques of awesome first and toughest. around the globe, the Forsaken reclaim what's theirs. Will you sign up for them?

A personality e-book for Werewolf: The Forsaken™

• An in-depth examine the tribes and tribe-less of the Forsaken, from their background and traditions to their guns of war

• a variety of new thoughts for personality improvement, from new advantages and presents to a extra distinct rationalization of concord and pack tactics

• info on taking part in the Forsaken at a bigger scale, from pack alliances to info on Forsaken tradition and issues round the world

The Rage: Forsaken Player's advisor is a 220 web page complement for the area of Darkness online game Werewolf: The Forsaken.

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Fallen Suns ( Rogue Trader Adventure - WarpStorm Part 3)

By Owen Barnes, Tim Huckelbery, Tim Cox, Jason Marker

A strong strength has woke up from its shut eye someplace deep in the Hecaton Rifts, and if left unchecked it is going to spell convinced doom for the denizens of within reach sectors. As this old evil threatens to smash either the Koronos Expanse and the Calixis quarter, are you able to and your fellow Explorers examine the reality of its mysterious origins?

Fallen Suns is the 3rd and ultimate instalment within the Warpstorm Trilogy for Rogue dealer! A misplaced Eldar Craftworld has started a dismal voyage of demise and catastrophe, and basically the Rogue investors of the Koronus Expanse stand within the approach of its rampage. trip right into a perilous realm of insanity and historical hate; from Footfall to the Serpenta??s Cradle and past, you need to make universal reason with allies outdated and new in the event that they are to outlive. The destiny of the Koronus Expanse hangs within the balance!

Fallen Suns could be performed as a standalone experience, or as a part of the gripping sequence of adventures that begun with the occasions of The Frozen Reaches and persisted via castle of Skulls.

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Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity: A Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook of Modern Horror and Conspiracy

By Kenneth Hite, Greg Stolze, Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller, Warren Banks, Shane Ivey

The apocalypse is right here. the boys and girls of Delta eco-friendly pursued alien threats and supernatural horrors worldwide. they suspect they're saving the realm from awful evil. yet are they only saving it for anything worse?

The ambitions of chance complement provides in your DG roleplaying crusade a conglomeration of evils, a lot of them whispered in tricks and rumors because the earliest days of Delta Green.

Black Cod Island: An inhuman threat rises from the frigid waters of southern Alaska. 300 years in the past the Haida Indians fought to stamp it out. They failed. Can Delta eco-friendly fare any better?

M-EPIC: A top-secret Canadian supplier with a national constitution. Few of its participants recognize its lengthy heritage of utilizing supernatural ways to conflict the supernatural itself. Even fewer understand the bad consequences.

Disciples of the Worm: Humanity has consistently sought to defeat demise. For a few, it's an all-consuming obsession. For Delta eco-friendly, a loathsome 25-year-old case calls for a solution to a very important query: while immortality is to hand, precisely what cost is just too high?

The Demonte Clan: typhoon Katrina used to be probably the most devastating storms ever to strike the U.S.. For its sufferers, Katrina used to be an unspeakable tragedy. For Delta eco-friendly, Katrina was once an opportunity to strike at a long-festering horror. the objective is an previous and influential kinfolk whose individuals are anything except human, who see New Orleans' plight as a chance in their personal -- and who've develop into fairly expert at destroying basically human enemies.

The Cult of Transcendence: for hundreds of years, a cult of Nyarlathotep has conspired to alter the area from backstage, spreading its effect into the halls of energy. at the present time its pursuits are extra sophisticated and sinister than ever, guessed in simple terms vaguely even by means of its so much dependable adherents. it can be the deadliest risk Delta eco-friendly has ever faced.

Plus a wealth of instruments so as to add intensity and horror for your Delta eco-friendly video games: strive against concepts, rigidity issues, history ideas, DNA research, and information for operating the sport.

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Equinox Road (Changeling: the Lost)

By Chuck Wendig, Malcolm Sheppard, John Snead, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Alex Scokel

The trail Perilous

The highway is harmful, and you can be torn aside by means of the Thorns. The vacation spot is a chance of loss of life, or the go back to slavery. yet there’s a lot to be won for these courageous and shrewdpermanent sufficient to dare the go back — the go back to Faerie.

A Chronicle booklet for Changeling: The Lost™
• suggestion at the Changeling endgame, from elevated strength degrees and forging new Contracts to the narrative constitution of the game
• suggestions on taking a chronicle into Arcadia itself, dealing with the dangers there and the real Fae at their top of power
• Wyrd evolution, Faerie domain names, the sport of Immortals, and extra

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Earthdawn Gamemaster's Guide (3rd Edition)

By Carsten Damm, James Flowers

[Please notice, this PDF can't be opened with the Foxit PDF viewer. I don't comprehend the technical purposes yet that's the way it is. Adobe reader will paintings simply advantageous however]

Before technological know-how, prior to heritage, an period of magic existed in our world's dim earlier. Magic flowed freely, touching each element of the lives of fellows and ladies of the Namegiver races. It used to be an age of heroes, an age of fantastical deeds and legendary tales. It used to be the Age of Legend. because the point of magic rose, so did the chance, luring Horrors from the depths of astral space-nightmare creatures devouring all lifestyles of their direction. For 4 centuries, whole international locations concealed underground because the Horrors devastated their lands, a gloomy time that grew to become often called the Scourge. A century in the past, the folk of Barsaive emerged from their sealed kaers and citadels. Trolls, dwarfs, elves, orks, and people reside part by means of aspect with unique races: the lizardlike t'skrang, the small, winged windlings, and the earthen obsidimen. Fantastical creatures reside once again within the forests and jungles. Arcane energies supply energy to these prepared to benefit the methods of magic. Earthdawn is a fable role-playing online game set in an international of excessive event, excessive magic, and poor hazard. The Earthdawn Gamemaster's advisor offers revised video game mechanics, broad atmosphere fabric, instructions for growing campaigns in Barsaive, details on creatures, dragons, Horrors, spirits, magical treasures, and lots more and plenty extra!

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Rhialto’s Book of Marvels (Dying Earth RPG)

By Robin D. Laws

The principles of Archmagical Omnipotence

Too lengthy have the loss of life Earth’s arch-magicians worked with no sourcebook to name their very own. you can now totally immerse your self within the impossibly robust milieu of the world’s such a lot awesome denizens.

With new ideas for aggressive play, you could ultimately end up in your fellow wizards that you're the such a lot quick-witted, stylish, seductive, and pedantically obstructive of them all!

Armed with the knowledge during this helpful tome (a discount at treble the price), you can:

  • Dominate arch-magical politics, gaining knowledge of the principles, laws and customs of the Conclave! …
  • Construct complex manses, packed to the rafters with infrequent and costly artifacts — then animate them and ship them into conflict opposed to one another! …
  • Uncover the quirks, secrets and techniques and foibles of twenty-two arch-magical colleagues…
  • Disdain wizardly gowns in want of a terrifying new position: the horrifically effective archwarrior…
  • Delve into the forbidden secrets and techniques of the lackadaisical and all-powerful sandestins.…
  • Contemplate schemes to enslave these most threatening of entities, the gods themselves!
  • Ignore those deathless pages at your peril. Your fellow gamers – that's to assert, your rivals – no doubt have it already, and are learning up.

    The very wisest of GMs also will procure the introductory Rhialto-Level event: The Creep of Inaccuracy. a whole event and a dwelling advisor to beginning a crusade and operating situations at Rhialto-Level.

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    Delta Green: A Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook of Modern Horror and Conspiracy

    By John Tynes, Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller

    Welcome to the United States on the finish of the millennium. are you aware who's pulling the strings?

    Delta eco-friendly is familiar with. issues from past area and time that lurk and titter within the shadows, the gradual rot on the middle of humanity, the darkish stars that whirl madly above - those are the real masters of the realm. Delta eco-friendly has been scuffling with because the 1928 Raid on Innsmouth, and the struggle nonetheless rages on.

    This publication is your weapon and your guide.

    Originally a sourcebook bringing name of Cthulhu into the trendy period, Delta eco-friendly speedy turned its personal video game. this day Delta eco-friendly is without doubt one of the best-reviewed RPGs ever, with its personal help line of vitamins and fiction. As of March 25, out of 17,637 video games within the authoritative online game Index, Delta eco-friendly ranks #2, a place it has held for 5 stable years.

    Inside you'll discover a mystery historical past of the twentieth century and the movers and shakers who're avid gamers within the video game: Delta eco-friendly, the outlaw conspiracy operating contained in the U.S. executive to struggle the darkness; Majestic-12, the clandestine supplier that cuts bargains with extraterrestrial beings and experiences to not anyone; SaucerWatch, a alien ship examine team in the direction of the reality than they comprehend; the Harotechnia, immortal Nazis who serve a risen Hitler; and the destiny, an occult syndicate that understands the place the our bodies are buried.


  • new talents, spells and weapons
  • new Mythos tomes
  • profiles of thirty-six real-world intelligence and law-enforcement enterprises, with personality templates for each
  • a examine Mi-Go biology, philosophy, and operations
  • analysis of the Cthulhu Mythos within the glossy day
  • a genuine historical past of the U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement community
  • dozens of worthy NPCs,
  • campaign-construction guidelines
  • two situations and a quick campaign
  • Delta eco-friendly makes use of the CoC uncomplicated Role-Playing (BRP) method up to date for the fashionable period, with ideas for including pcs and computer weapons to the struggle opposed to Elder Gods, squamous creatures, and their cults. Its power lies within the convincing manner it combines Lovecraft's Mythos with smooth conspiracies.

    Winner of the 1997 Origins Award for top Roleplaying complement.

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