The Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars (2nd Edition)

By Alan Alexander, Peter Schaefer, Genevieve Cogman, Conrad Hubbard

Proficient with strength via the Celestial Incarna Luna, the Lunar Exalted have been as soon as the associates of the sunlight Exalted and depended on Stewards of the outdated Realm. Then, after the Lawgivers went mad with energy and their Dragon-Blooded troops rose as much as slay them, the Lunars retreated to the sides of production, biding their time and massing their forces to 1 day convey down the hated Realm. With the Solars returning en masse, have the Lunars waited too lengthy to convey down the previous order and substitute it, or does the go back in their historical friends sign that the time is eventually to hand for vengeance?

A personality sourcebook for Exalted featuring:

• info of the Creation-spanning Silver Pact, its objectives and its factions

• every little thing gamers and Storytellers have to generate Lunar Exalted characters, together with their Charms and shapeshifting Knacks

• ideas for the chimerae, mad Lunars whose minds and our bodies were twisted by way of the Wyld

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Goblin Markets (Changeling: the Lost)

By Jess Hartley, Ethan Skemp, Alex Scokel

Permit the client beware

Every freehold is aware of at the least one. a few appear to have grown up virtually in a single day, like a hoop of small white mushrooms. Others appear to have run for millennia, outliving the increase and fall of the freeholds that encompass them. They’ll by no means depart totally, regardless of the risks in their wares. an individual continually wishes whatever you could purely get at a Goblin Market.
A chronicle publication for Changeling: The Lost

suggestion on developing your individual Goblin Markets
ideas on procuring and selling
pattern characters, Markets and SAS industry scenes to drop correct into your Changeling chronicle

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Isengard and Northern Gondor (MERP ICE #2800)

By Christian Gehman

Includes full-color sector map of NORTHERN GONDOR, full-color cutaway view and ground plan of ORTHANC, 2 whole urban plans, complete description of SARUMAN, herb lists and political intrigue, HELM'S DEEP & a lot more.

The fort of Isengard was once outfitted through the Númenórians in a sheltered valley on the southern limits of the Misty Mountains. Its major function was once to shield the distance of Calenardhon and the Fords of Isen opposed to assaults via Sauron's forces. Self-sufficient and enchanted, it later grew to become the almost impregnable castle of Saruman the White. No spire in Middle-earth used to be superior, keep the darkish Tower of Mordor.

ISENGARD and northern Gondor includes:

- eight FULL-COLOR PAGES: a 2-page local map, maps of Calmirië (Aldburg) and Dunlostir , plus four pages at the Tower of Orthanc
- significant LAYOUTS: The Underground degrees of Orthanc, The access Passage, and The Hornburg
- THE castle OF ISENGARD: one of many maximum architectural creations in all of Middle-earth
- different population OF THE zone: The Calenardhrons, The Dunlendings, and the Drúedain

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Isle of the Mighty *OP (Changeling - the Dreaming)

Ultimately, realize the land of old magic - Britannia! here's a position steeped in historical magick and legends of faerie. Hidden powers, a few older than the land itself, exist along humankind and feature mysterious arcane agendas. underneath the very nostril of mortal society, age-old battles are waged around the nation for regulate of key areas of energy. because the go back of the sidhe, the fires of conflict have burned like by no means sooner than as either changelings and mages get involved within the fight for Britannia's might.

This long-awaited Changeling: The Dreaming complement presents important info at the changelings and mages of serious Britain. you're eventually capable of discover the native land of fae legends and notice the truths at the back of British covens and chantries. Isle of the amazing exposes the very important hyperlink among mages and changelings and explains how they've been certain because the starting of time.

A whole global of Darkness sourcebook for nice Britain, together with: England, Wales and Scotland. a brand new kith, the Gillhe Dhu, often referred to as "the greenmen," the protectors of the forests. Explores the politics and heritage of the fae and mages of significant Britain, from the traditional arrival of the Wieck and the Tuatha de Danaan to the trendy day.

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Deathwatch: Honour the Chapter

By Fantasy Flight Games

Honour the bankruptcy, a complement for Deathwatch, offers a wealth of ideas for gamers attracted to characters drawn from Chapters created through the moment or next Foundings. This unique tome includes new personality production principles, a bunch of relics specified to every bankruptcy, and lots of advice and event seeds for video game Masters. For ten millennia, house Marines from one thousand chapters have fought and died within the identify of the Emperor of guy. Take your house between those honoured heroes!

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Night Stalkers (Hunter: The Vigil)

By Chuck Wendig, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas

We proportion comparable shadows. yet that doesn’t suggest we’re an identical. They nonetheless need to die.

A moment time.

A ultimate time.

They die through the flame. That means, either one of us see the sunshine, if just for a moment.

This publication for Hunter: The Vigil includes:

• An extreme check out how the undying Vigil and the immortal vampires come jointly in an everlasting struggle.

• a glance into how each one compact and conspiracy bargains with the callous depredations of vampire society. additionally info new compacts and conspiracies (including the hunters of the Cainite Heresy).

• For vampire-hunters, a group of latest strategies, benefits and Endowments (including the Cainite Heresy’s Rites of Denial). For Storytellers, a “build-your-own” vampire part that includes new strategies to use outdated folklore.

• Philadelphia by way of evening: the town of cohesion is besieged by means of the everlasting fight of vampire as opposed to vampire, hunter as opposed to hunter, and everyone as opposed to every person.

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The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game (Dying Earth RPG)

By Robin D. Laws, John Snead, Peter Freeman

A destiny, unimaginably distant…
The sunlight, now in its dotage is a swollen maroon orb. It stutters and blinks. At any second it can ultimately cross out.

Earth, immensely old…
Dig at any place and discover a buried urban or the shore of a vanished sea. Deodand-haunted woods stretch from decadent Kaiin to the Land of the Falling Wall. Erbs and grue hunt within the wilds. remoted villages embody astonishing customs. better cities prefer debauchery and mincing murder.

Magic, wealthy and colourful…
Enchantment shapes the realm. Any dabbler might be aware of a number of basic cantraps. Magicians in lavish manses fight to grasp Earth’s final nice spells, whereas omnipotent cabals intrigue opposed to opponents or plot revenge for old feuds.

Visit the loss of life Earth

Enter this brilliant global within the first roleplaying video game approved by means of grasp fantasist Jack Vance. right here a flashing sword is less significant than nimble wits, persuasive words,and an outstanding experience of fashion.Create an adventurer for any of 3 other forms of reports: a customary mortal akin to Cugel the shrewdpermanent, surviving via wits and crafty an bold magician trying to find misplaced lore, like Turjan of Miir a perfect mage to rank with Rhialto the Marvellous, commanding the all-powerful yet quarrelsome sandestins.
The death Earth good points effortless, fast-playing principles that motivate creativity and interplay. No wisdom of Jack Vance’s paintings is required for play,but lovers of the tales will benefit from the accomplished precis of the world’s locations, creatures,and recognized spells

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The '90s (Designers & Dragons, Volume 3)

By Shannon Appelcline

Every little thing YOU’VE desired to find out about THE ORIGINS OF ROLEPLAYING GAMES...

Designers & Dragons: The ’90s is a complete photograph of the heyday of the RPG undefined. This moment version expands the unique unmarried e-book right into a sequence of 4, and we’ve further over 10,000 new phrases to this quantity on my own. during this quantity, we profile an RPG titan—Wizards of the Coast— and canopy the increase of storytelling RPG settings like White Wolf’s international of Darkness. despite your gaming heritage, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched background won’t disappoint.

In this quantity, you’ll find:

  • A foreword through Peter Adkison, founding father of Wizards of the Coast and proprietor of Gen Con
  • Profiles for twenty-one Nineteen Nineties gaming businesses together with Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, and Atlas Games
  • The inside of scoop in the back of video games like Dungeons & Dragons 3e, Warhammer 40k Roleplay, and Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Ten belongings you would possibly not find out about roleplaying within the ’90s
  • An huge bibliography and index
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    Our Last Best Hope: An RPG to Save the World (second printing)

    By Mark Diaz Truman

    Our final most sensible desire is tabletop roleplaying online game for 3 (3) to 5 (5) gamers that takes approximately hours to play. in the course of the online game, you and your folks will play via a vintage catastrophe motion picture, like Sunshine, Deep influence, The middle, or Armageddon, the place your characters are the celebs. every one online game is exclusive, as your workforce confronts a brand new quandary with a brand new set of characters and a brand new plan to save lots of the Earth.

    While taking part in Our final top desire, you might:

    ...launch into house to forestall a meteor from destroying all existence on Earth.

    ...drill to the guts of the Earth to restart its molten core.

    ...navigate zombie crammed towns to forestall a nuclear holocaust.

    Regardless of the situation, you, and your team, are our final top hope.

    Our final most sensible desire doesn't require a GM, neither is there any preptime required sooner than the sport begins. encouraged by means of roleplaying classics like Fiasco and Polaris, Our final most sensible wish is designed to be performed as a one-shot epic video game that would go away your gaming crew with superb tales.

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    Vade Mecum: The CthulhuTech Companion

    By Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay, Jonni Emrich

    The final battle Continues

    Foes with no. Foes inside of. it sounds as if defense is simply an phantasm in 2085. Congregations of lifeless religions paintings their evil at the international. Armies of monsters and alien creatures deliver demise and horror. Hidden cults bite away on the innards of the hot Earth govt, secretly destroying us from within.

    This is the Aeon battle. And it’s larger than simply one book.

    Explore society as one of many forbidden Human-Nazzadi xenomixed lovechildren. Be a stranger on your personal land as an otherworldly White. struggle the hidden enemies inside of society as an agent of the Federal safeguard Bureau. Abuse stunning energy policing arcane crimes as an agent of the place of work of inner defense. convey the ability of the cosmos to undergo with simply the facility of your individual brain ... or lose your self to it.

    Nowhere else will you discover a surroundings like this.

    Inside this booklet you'll find:

  • A carrying on with specified exploration of the Aeon conflict, together with the xenomixed offspring of Human-Nazzadi unions, the cult-hunting Federal safety Bureau, the questionably heroic international Intelligence business enterprise, and the police of the arcane underground – the scary place of work of inner Security.
  • Seven items of provocative brief fiction to assist painting the texture of the setting.
  • Optional ideas for the cutting edge Framewerk procedure, together with hit destinations, everlasting accidents, struggling with types, and taking part in card-based attempt resolution.
  • New techniques to play a xenomixed Human-Nazzadi lovechild or one of many Whites - infrequent and weird otherworldly Human-Nazzadi offspring.
  • The choice to play as one in every of 5 new professions, together with Ashcroft starting place Advisors, who suggest approximately each point of presidency because the energy in the back of the throne, Para-Psychics, who intuitively command the may possibly of the universe, and Zoners, who've unwillingly sacrificed their sanity for tremendous entry to power.
  • A special psychic skill method, simulating the outstanding and infrequently uncontrollable strength of intuitive cosmic channeling, together with dozen para-psychic powers.
  • Two dozen new magical rituals, together with a brand new process for desires and dreaming magic.
  • More than 20 new machines of dying, together with aquatic mecha for underseas battles.
  • Four new Tagers, together with the aquatic Echo and the lethal Vampire.
  • More than a dozen new unspeakable horrors, together with the choice to painting corpse-eating ghouls as Characters.
  • Story starters, to begin off federal agent tales instantly, in addition to hooks for any game.
  • This booklet is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling video game and calls for the center Book.

    This publication is meant for mature readers. It includes darkish and worrying content material and photographs. Reader discretion is suggested.

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