Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record

By Errol Fuller

A picture of an extinct animal conjures up a better feeling of loss than any portray ever might. frequently black and white or tinted sepia, those striking pictures were taken frequently in zoos or flora and fauna parks, and in certain cases depict the final recognized person of the species. Lost Animals is a different photographic checklist of extinction, offered via an international authority on vanished animals. Richly illustrated all through, this good-looking e-book beneficial properties pictures courting from round 1870 to as lately as 2004, the yr that witnessed the death of the Hawaiian Po'ouli. From a mom Thylacine and her puppies to birds equivalent to the Heath rooster and the Carolina Parakeet, Errol Fuller tells the tale of every animal, explains why it grew to become extinct, and discusses the situations surrounding the photography.

Covering 28 extinct species, Lost Animals comprises frequent examples just like the final Passenger Pigeon, Martha, and one of many final Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, photographed because it friends quizzically on the hat of 1 of the biologists who has simply ringed it. however the publication contains infrequent photos besides, many by no means sooner than released. accumulated jointly the following for the 1st time, those pictures offer a tangible hyperlink to animals that experience now vanished ceaselessly, in a e-book that brings the earlier to lifestyles whereas providing a caution for the future.

Poignant and compelling, Lost Animals additionally encompasses a concise advent that appears on the earliest days of animal images, and an appendix of drawings and work of the species covered.

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