Song of the Summer King (The Summer King Chronicles) (Volume 1)

By Jess E. Owen

Shard is a gryfon at risk. He and different younger men of the Silver Isles are the right age to fly, hunt, and fight--old adequate to be threats to their ruler, the purple gryfon king. in the course of the damaging initiation hunt, Shard takes the unforeseen suggestion of a wierd she-wolf who seeks him out, and tricks that Shard's earlier isn’t all that it kind of feels. to benefit his earlier, Shard needs to abandon the longer term he wishes and make allies of these the gryfons name enemies. whilst the gryfon king pronounces open battle at the wolves, it throws Shard’s earlier and unsure destiny into the turmoil among. Now with conflict traces drawn, Shard needs to make a decision no matter if to struggle beside his king . . .or opposed to him. Honorable point out within the 2013 Writer's Digest foreign Self-Published publication Awards. Winner of the 2013 international book award for myth.

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Shard looked for his voice. “I…thank you. ” “Your tale telling might use a few development. ” She cocked her head and Shard blinked. used to be shaggy dog story? Shrad attempted to determine if she was once teasing him. It not often appeared dignified. “Thank you. I mean—yes. i do know. ” They stared at one another, and he resisted announcing many stuff. throughout them, gryfons chattered, guffawing, a few frightened, a few already sparring within the grass and making plans for the next day. Shard felt forced to inform her the reality and he didn’t understand why. Why her, while she’s by no means spoken to me ahead of? The chilly breeze shifted and he stuck her odor, the nice and cozy fluff of feather and over it, wild sage. The reminiscence slapped his brain of Sigrun, status over him, begging according to the pink to spare his lifestyles. As a equipment he hadn’t understood yet he remembered her determined tone. There were one other smell there, too. heat and sage. a miles away reminiscence, he a half-blind package, Sigrun begging. status beside her, Shard’s senses instructed him, were the white, Widow Queen. He questioned in the event that they have been neighbors. Wingsisters even? Why hasn’t she spoken to me earlier than? He learned his beak had fallen open in a fearful pant. He’d by no means remembered that earlier than. yet scents didn’t lie. “I’m happy with you, Rashard. ” Her faded eyes appeared far-off, sadder, or more youthful, a special time limit. “Whatever occurs after this. comprehend that, if it skill whatever to you. ” instead of delight, disgrace coiled in him back. 1/2 his victory used to be a lie. “Thank you,” he whispered. “Know also…” She hesitated and he lifted his head, ears perked, for a few cause hungry for her phrases. She appeared to draw herself jointly from many areas, and the sunshine in her eyes softened. “Sigrun can't converse of this, i do know. yet you'll want to know the way greatly you resemble your father. ” With that, she dipped her head and walked away, leaving Shard status as clean and witless as a gull. The sunlight looked as if it would slip decrease too quickly, and the starward wind introduced chilly. The dinner party wore on towards night as all appeared to omit the celebration. Shard pressured down 3 gulps of rabbit meat and wrestled with the fledges, keeping off Kjorn the easiest he may perhaps for worry the prince may ask questions he couldn’t resolution. because the solar touched the nightward horizon, mom and dad herded kits and fledges away and the delight sought their dens. whilst Shard glided low to wing towards Sigrun’s cave, he came upon Caj lounging absolutely within the means. Shard flapped as soon as, wheeled and tightened to land, clinging to the rock face simply outdoors the den. “Nest-father,” he stated, one ear laying again in uncertainty. “May I—” “As a grown warrior,” Caj murmured, blue tail coiling and flicking out, “I anticipate you’re sufficiently old to discover a brand new den. ” Shard blinked, wings demanding opposed to his again. Is he telling me I’m permitted into the delight? wary pleasure wove up, yet coupled with confusion. He hadn’t anticipated to be kicked from the den. Caj’s tone and eyes weren't merciless, yet he didn’t movement. past, Shard may well see Thyra and Sigrun huddled and guffawing over tales from the ceremonial dinner.

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