The Ultimate Reference Book: The Wit's Thesaurus

By Lance Davidson

Supplying unending leisure for the notice lover, this fundamental source for speech writers, scholars, politicians, writers and lecturers is a compendium of jokes, charges, classical myths, international words, and more--over 8,000 entries in additional than 800 different types of subject material.

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Maximum battles, finishing efforts to beat Greece via Darius, the in line with sian king. sooner than the conflict, the well known Greek messenger Phidippides is reputed to have run a hundred and fifty miles in days to safe relief from Sparta for the Athenians, after which run a bit over 26 miles to hold information of the victory to Athens, col lapsing useless on the finish of his ordeal. as a result, a marathon is a 26-mile race or an recreation requiring severe en durance. Jokes, tales and Anecdotes status subsequent to his drums, the slavemaster on a galley send instructed the sweating rowers: "Men, i've got a few excellent news and a few undesirable information. the excellent news is that you simply all get an additional ration of stale bread. " Cheers. "The undesirable information is that the captain desires to move waterskiing/' In his previous age Johannes Brahms in shaped his acquaintances that he may cease composing tune and revel in the time left to him. After a number of months with out writing a be aware, Brahms issued a brand new composition. "But you were not going to jot down any more," a pal reminded him. "I wasn't," acknowledged the composer, "but after a brief absence from it, i used to be so elated at no longer having to jot down that the track got here to me with out ef castle. " Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), German composer Knute Rockne (1888-1931), U. S. soccer trainer [attributed additionally to Joseph P. Kennedy]- ♦ EXONERATION Classical words and Myths "Leave no stone unturned. " Classical words and Myths Euripides (480 B. c-406 B. c), Greek playwright, Heradidae (c. 428 b. c. ) 'Tardon one offense, and also you en braveness the fee of many. " The conflict of Marathon (MARE-athon) in 490 B. C. used to be one among history's Publilius Syrus (c. a hundred b. c), Roman author, Sententiae, 750 146 The Wit's word list "Index damnatur ubi nocens absolvitur. (EE-u-dex dam-NAT-ur oo-bee no-KENS ab-SOL-wee-tur) (The pass judgement on is condemned while the crim inal is acquitted. ) Publilius Syrus (c. a hundred B. c), Roman author, Sententiae, 247 Jokes, tales and Anecdotes Jokes, tales and Anecdotes whilst Louis XIII, the daddy of Le Roi Soleil (the sunlight King), was once dy ing, he playfully teased the preco cious four-year-old dauphin via asking, "Now, what's your identify? " "Louis the Fourteenth," declared the boy. "Not really but, my son. " Louis XIV (1638-1715), French king an afternoon ahead of a case got here to trial opposed to a undeniable movie manufacturer in Hollywood's early years, the professional ducer despatched a dwarf and non descript performers to every convey ♦ EXPEDIENCE outlandish messages to a lady getting ready to provide harmful courtroom testimony opposed to him. day after today the producer's legal professional opened his protection by way of mentioning that the girl was once mentally unbalanced. And whilst she was once at the stand, definite adequate, she used to be resulted in de scribe the tale of her unusual visi tors and the messages. based on F. Scott Fitzgeralas unused notes for The misplaced wealthy person, "the jury shook their heads, winked at one another and acquitted" the defendant seasoned ducer. F[rancis] Scott [Key] Fitzgerald (1896-1940), U. S. author international phrases and words a contrecoeur (Fra) (ah KON-tre-KUHR) lit: opposed to the desires of the center; reluctantly, mak ing a logical or expedient selection de spite opposite feelings or emotions Lebensraum (Ger) (LAY-bens-ROWM) lit: residing house; Hitler Germany's justification for territorial aggrandizement pis aller (Fra) (pees al-LAY) the worst, final lodge Quotations ♦ EXPECTATION "The graveyards are jam-packed with indis pensable males.

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