Frequently Asked Questions

How professional are your designers?

Our designers are skilled in their respective areas with at least 3 years experience in various web and graphics designing platforms. Our designers are also customer service-oriented. This means that our designers place your concerns first before anything else.

Do I need to open a hosting with you?

Not necessarily but is highly recommended. Though you can have your own hosting, we recommend that you get a hosting with us or transfer your hosting with us. We use one of the best web hosting services available and we want only what’s best for your website.

If I add more pages, would I still be paying for it?

For WordPress and CMS platforms, there is no need for us to be adding a page for you. You can do it yourself and avoid paying for the service. For HTML5/CSS3 websites, we charge for additional pages for your website. Contact us for more details on the pricing.

How secured is your payment method?

We use Paypal for payment of the services. Paypal is one of the most secured payment system. In this way, you don’t need to provide any of your account info to us. Simply use your Paypal Account and transact business from your Paypal Account to our Paypal Account. That’s safe and hassle-free.

How long will it take for my website to be done?

Given that all the information will be provided, the website will be done in less than 3 days. We give it time to keep all the features of the website working especially links and pages. We also want to ensure that the text content is properly optimized for proper SEO.

Do you ship printed materials overseas? If yes, how long will it take for the materials to arrive?

Depending if the location can be easily accessed by our courier service, shipping printed materials take a maximum of 10 days to reach the location. We will be providing you with the tracking number to ensure that you can track your products on your own convenient time.

I have a printing service near my area, if I only require designing, will I get a discount?

Graphics design and printing are two separate services. If you only require design, we will charge you with the corresponding price for designing only. If you purchase a package, however, you will not be able to avail a discount since package prices are already discounted.

Do you do e-commerce websites?

Yes! We can integrate ecommerce platform for your online store. We can also provide you with payment options for your customers.

I have an online store but I also like WordPress. Is there any way I can have both for my website?

Yes! WordPress is very flexible and can also be integrated with ecommerce. We will ensure that you will still have the same user-friendly feature while keeping your online store organized at the same time.

I have a website that I like, can I get a similar website?

If you find a site that you like so much, or a website that has features that you think your website should have, our web designers will take it into consideration and will attempt to duplicate the said feature while customizing your site to make it your own.

Do you place any copyright design on my website?

We place copyright text at the bottom of the website while it is under construction. We will remove it and place your own after the payment is done in full and you can showcase the site to your friends or to your clients as if it was your own design. We won’t even include it on our portfolio if you prefer to use it on your own portfolio.

Are your websites mobile-friendly?

Apart from our websites being user and SEO-friendly, we also incorporate mobile-friendly websites which can easily be viewed on mobile phones and smart devices.

Do you provide FREE post-sale maintenance for my website?

Yes! We provide post-sale website maintenance for 2 weeks after full payment has been made. This is to ensure that your website is 100% working. Maintenance service beyond 2 weeks will be charged accordingly.