Body and Mind Stress Free

  • The Problem

    The website needs to reflect with the message it’s trying to portray in terms of feature, color, and feel. The website also needs to be able to handle different video and audio testimonials of clients of the business.

    The website also needs to be fast-loading despite having a lot of images, videos, and audio files on it.

    Our Solution

    The color of the website reflects coolness since the website also showcases stress and anxiety relief. Visual aesthetics must reflect it.

    The website also has the necessary plugins needed for the video and audio showcase. These plugins are built for these specific purposes. This means that the performance of the website is not affected despite having a lot of video and audio files.

    The website also has a built-in shopping cart for different paid downloads and files. An appointment widget is also available for clients who want to make an appointment online. It also includes courses widget for those who want to learn about the business. A sliding testimonial widget is great for different client testimonials showcased on the same page and area.

  • Our Results

    • 96

      96% On Time Delivery

    • 98

      98% Client Satisfaction

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