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  • Our Client’s Concept

    The idea for the website is to incorporate both informative website and e-commerce at the same time. The website needs to be user-friendly that can be easily accessed by the client. The website also needs to be fast-loading to ensure visitors turning into potential customers.

    Our Solution

    To ensure that the website has a user-friendly panel, we incorporate WordPress with customized theme. We maintained simple homepage to ensure that the site is fast-loading. We integrate e-commerce for the client’s products with shopping cart for multiple items to buy.

    Proper SEO is also integrated to the site. This enables the site to be visible in search engines for visitors to check. The site is featured in various social network sites. This maximizes the potential for increasing the market pool for the business.

  • Our Results

    • 78

      78% On Time Delivery

    • 87

      87% Client Satisfaction