Hypnosis Works Directory

  • The Problem

    The website needs to accommodate lots of members and membership sign ups without putting to much effort on the owner of the website. Google map location is also needed for each member who want to advertise his/her business in the featured list. There is also a need for custom registration form apart from the default registration form of WordPress. The registration needs to incorporate membership packages.

    Our Solution

    The website has an automatic registration system for clients who want to sign up for the directory. Despite automation, the registration is protected against spam sign ups using our trademark ant-spam registration system. This means that clients who want to become members can sign up without having to wait for the administrator to approve the registration.

    Each member has his/her own custom dashboard depending on the role specified in each package. The dashboard is user-friendly and far different from the default dashboard of WordPress. Aside from that, a Google Map displays the location of the featured client or business.

    The membership packages are also linked to Paypal for payment security purposes. Each member who registers can make the payment using Paypal and be given access corresponding to each package. The member can also upgrade from current package to a higher package with better access and privileges. Each member account is also protected from email spam.

  • Our Results

    • 90

      90% On Time Delivery

    • 90

      90% Client Satisfaction

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